Want to Give Your Preschooler the Best Start in Life?

Discover the Most Supportive At-Home Preschool Curriculum in the World (for ages 3-5)

Secular & research-based. Hands-on & play-based. Covers 6 essential development areas.

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"Can I really make Homeschooling work?"

Dear Busy Mom,

So, you did your research.

You understand that homeschooling is superior to traditional education…

Especially for your child of the tender age of 3-5.

You know what you SHOULD do…

But not HOW to do it.

It’s true:

Creating a well-rounded homeschool curriculum takes a lot of time, energy and brain power…

IF you’re doing everything from scratch.

That’s why I designed Ready for Kindergarten and Beyond:

A “Plug & Play” evidence-based curriculum made for busy Moms like you with no teaching experience…

That helps you save roughly 40+ hours of your time on research and curriculum writing…

And gives you done-for-you lesson plans and 500 fun & well-thought-out activities….

That are easy to implement and take as little as 45 minutes a day.

Picture this:

Instead of driving for 45 minutes to drop your little one at a pricey preschool…

Having to deal with separation anxiety…

Knowing you're missing out on their most precious years…

And security concerns that sadly come with being a parent in modern America…

You fix them a cup of hot cocoa (and coffee for yourself!)...

Log into your online curriculum…

And watch how they fall in love with learning…

While spending their time with you…

In the comfort and safety of your home.

This curriculum will teach you how to teach.

It’s guaranteed to get your child 100% kindergarten-ready…

But also give them emotional, cognitive, and social foundations they need…

To thrive in every area of life.

It’ll also save you a good chunk of change, too!

I’ll share with you how this will unfold in a moment.

But first — why should you trust me?

A Note From Vida Mercer

Lead Curriculum Designer 
2nd Gen Homeschooler

Vida Mercer
As featured in


Hi, I’m Vida Mercer – an author, homeschool consultant, and a proud Mom of three.

Confession time:

Thanks to my Mom, I never set foot inside a classroom until I went to college.

And I couldn’t be more thankful!

Because this decision not only helped me excel in higher education…

But also launch a successful career in the legal field right after graduation…

Before I devoted myself to my true passion:


Have you noticed its soaring popularity in recent years?

Proven Benefits of Homeschooling

Better academic performance
(Compared to children in institutional schools)

√ Eliminates the risk of school violence, bullying, and neglect

√ Strengthens family bonds

Alleviates the stress of peer pressure and competition

√ More 1-on-1 time between a student and an educator

Child-centered & flexible

All the above is especially important for kids at the tender age of 3 to 5.

Everything I achieved, I owe to homeschooling and my Mom.

Now, my mission is to support busy Moms like you…

To navigate homeschooling…

Save time, money, and other resources…

And provide their child the support and highest-quality education…

So they get a head start in life.

But don’t take my word for it.

See what Moms like you say about my services:

Real Success Stories From Moms Just Like You:

“Love it! Exceeded my expectations. My 3 year old and 5 year old love learning from home!”

“High-quality homeschooling program that doesn’t take fun out of learning.”

“My twins really like it and are always chanting "wanna do school!" when they're bored with other things, lol.”

This is For You IF:

You want a secular, well-rounded & easy-to-follow preschool curriculum…
   Made with your child’s best interest in mind

You want to save 400-1300 USD every month on preschool fees

You’re a busy Mom working full-time…
   Struggling to find time for homeschooling

You’re a stay-at-home parent...
   Swamped with chores, errands, and daily tasks

You’re location independent or have to move for work often

You work from home…
   And are worried about time management and potential burnout

You want to minimize the risk of unwanted behaviors and health risks

There’s a lack of quality preschool options near you
You want to spend more time with your child…
   And NOT miss out on the best years of their childhood

3 Reasons to Start Homeschooling Your Preschooler Today


The world is becoming increasingly complex.

Homeschooling gives your child a safe, familiar, and nurturing learning environment…

Where they get to enjoy personalized attention and support…

While also minimizing the risks of:

  • Playground injuries
  • Bullying
  • Negative peer pressure
  • Inappropriate or harmful influences
  • Contagious diseases


The average cost of preschool in the U.S. is between $10,000 and $13,000 per year.

The so-called elite ones charge $25-40+K.

Besides tuition, homeschooling saves you money on:

  • Transportation cost
  • Extracurricular activities cost
  • Materials cost


The quality and availability of apps, online resources, and virtual learning tools have NEVER been better…

Keeping very young learners excited, engaged, and eager to learn.

While keeping you current and connected with the latest educational developments.

Why Not Just Design Your Own Curriculum?

Is getting your child FULLY kindergarten-ready overwhelming?

You bet.

You only get one chance to help them build a solid foundation for their entire future education…

No pressure there!

Plus, researching WHAT and HOW to teach your child takes time:

Around 40 hours.

That’s how long it will take you to design a homeschool curriculum.

Plus, an extra 2-4 hours a week…

For planning and prepping the weekly activities.

And how about free options?

Most are outdated and not up-to-date with the latest science and technology.

Do you really want your child to be left behind in this quickly advancing and competitive world?

Then there’s the WHY behind what you teach.

It’s not just about going through the motions of giving instructions and hitting objectives.

To be confident in your role as an educator…

You must have a DEEP understanding of the WHY behind the concepts you teach.

Good news?

This is exactly what this program focuses on.

Introducing "Ready For Kindergarten And Beyond":
#1 Online Preschool Curriculum for Busy Moms Who Want to Give Their Kids a World-Class Education

Inside you will discover:

  • How to prepare your preschooler to excel academically…
    While getting them physically, emotionally and socially ready for kindergarten

  • How to identify your child’s learning style…
    And play it to their advantage across 6 major developmental areas

  • How to manage your time like a pro…
    And take the stress, confusion and overwhelm out of homeschooling

  • How to deal with your partner’s resistance…
    If they’re not on board or think your child should be taught by “professionals”

  • How to prepare and deliver high-quality lessons EVERY time…
    Even if you’re not an educator by profession

  • How to create a fun and relaxed learning environment…
    In which your child will feel safe, supported and valued

And much, MUCH more!

What Makes Us Different:

Curriculum comparison

Most other curricula give you a year's worth of lesson plans, and leave you to navigate the homeschooling experience on your own…

With minimal or no explanation or support.

Our curriculum will instruct you on both HOW and WHY

Behind everything you teach…

Untitled design - 2023-07-08T134043.273

And give you hundreds of hands-on activities that blend perfectly into your daily family life…

Untitled design - 2023-07-08T134100.251

Untitled design - 2023-07-08T134119.352

So you can provide your child with an exceptional preschool experience…

100% tailor-made to their specific needs, talents, and personality. 

Another key difference is that we focus on all 6 key development areas…

(While most other curricula cover only 1-2 and overlook emotional development)...

Ensuring healthy holistic development without any gaps.

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What Parents Are Saying About Ready For
Kindergarten and Beyond Curriculum

“This is a well put-together play-based curriculum. Each day takes less than an hour. My kids love it and it helps me stay on track to make sure we are doing “something” everyday.”

“I like this curriculum because of how easy it is to track my daughter’s progress. Very helpful instructional videos, too.”

“I know many people will say “just let them play!” Yet a majority of preschool activities are play based! I personally like some structure and routine to my weeks and a preschool curriculum gives you ideas for fun things to do with your child that you might not otherwise have thought of.”

FINALLY! A Better Way to Get Your Kid Ahead of the Academic Curve

Want to become an exceptional home educator,  and set your child up for success…

In as little as 45 minutes a day?

This online-based customizable and flexible curriculum gives you the tools you need to create a unique preschool experience for your child...

Tailored to:

  • Their learning style

  • Their specific needs

  • Your family lifestyle

  • Your schedule and availability

  • Your budget

Inside You’ll Discover:


Everything you need to kick off a successful homeschool preschool experience.


This curriculum will guide you in covering all 6 major development areas…
Effectively and with confidence:

6 key developmental areas


This will ensure there are no gaps in your child’s development…
Plus, set a rock solid foundation for future success in their education…

And more importantly — life.

(the “HOW”)

Lesson planning is tough.

Even for professional educators!

But these 26 plug & play weekly lesson plans don’t just save you dozens of hours of your time…

But also frustration, confusion and overwhelm that comes with curriculum creation.

Backed with:

  • 26 weekly instructional videos…
    Covering the nuts and bolts of what you’ll be teaching the upcoming week (the “HOW” of homeschooling)

  • 500 fun activities to cherry-pick from…
    Specially designed for short-learning sessions optimal for very young learners

  • Objectives across 6 different “subjects”...
    Which will get your child kindergarten-ready quickly and easily

These lesson plans will turn you into a homeschooling pro in no time.

Plus, they’re guaranteed to grab (and keep!) your little one’s attention!

(the “WHY”)

26 weekly mindset videos give you background information and science behind a particular objective or learning area…

So you can have a deep understanding of WHY you teach your child certain things in a certain way.

They are also here to support and encourage you on this journey...

And celebrate the milestones you cross and all the objectives you cover with you!


Friday is a fun day in preschool at home…

And time to get some hands-on experience with cool projects to wrap up the week…

And consolidate learning that took place Monday to Thursday.

Projects will take only 1-2 hours and typically cover several subject areas at a time…

And engagingly introduce various concepts.


Want to get ready a week (or a few) in advance?

No worries!

You’ll get EVERYTHING you need to deliver engaging lessons and guide Friday projects with ease.

Most of the suggested materials are everyday items you have in your house…

But some are to be purchased, like recommended books and watercolors.

Here’s What Happens When You Start Ready For Kindergarten And Beyond


Get in touch with our team to understand if the curriculum is right for your family.
After the call, we will enroll you in the curriculum and you'll have an immediate lifetime access to the program.
Kick off your orientation week…And then continue with the self-paced curriculum.

In Short…
Ready for Kindergarten and Beyond is:

5-days/week curriculum


Self-paced & flexible

Kindergarten Common Core-aligned

Secular & holistic



Compatible with traditional education

Easily accessible from anywhere in the world

Shareable with your family members

Get to Know Your Instructor

Vida Mercer Kindergarten Prep

Vida Mercer is a second-generation homeschooler, wife, and mother of three daughters.

She is also a writer, writing instructor, homeschool consultant for families and corporations, and a passionate advocate for parents’ rights and the ability to teach their own children.

She has proudly served on the board of directors of C.O.R.E. Placer Charter School to support their strong independent home study model.

And she has written and designed homeschool curriculums for preschool years and up.

Vida's work has been featured in countless publications on topics related to early childhood education and homeschooling in particular.

She was homeschooled back when it was rare and considered “hippie”...

And this experience made her an unapologetic home education advocate.

In addition to homeschooling her three daughters…

Since 2005, Vida has helped hundreds of everyday parents in 1-on-1 settings to start homeschooling with ease and confidence…

Creating nurturing home education environments for their children to thrive in...

Academically, physically and emotionally.

And now, she has turned all that experience into a self-paced curriculum that any mom can follow.

Want to Know More?
Check Out These FAQs

Which age group is this curriculum best suited for?

Ready For Kindergarten and Beyond is best suited for the age group of 3-5 years old (preschoolers.) 

Lesson plans will have a wide variety of activities to choose from to match your child's learning style and development level.

Can a family member access this curriculum?

Yes! This curriculum is 100% digital (accessible via phone, computer, or tablet), intuitive, and easy to use.

Meaning, your family, partner, or nanny will be able to access it easily and pick up where you left off – with all the instructions clearly laid out.

I want to homeschool, but I’m worried my kid will miss out on social engagement.

Multiple studies show that homeschoolers have healthy social development and are NOT disadvantaged when it comes to socialization.

According to the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschoolers do above average in social, emotional, and psychological development


  • Peer interaction
  • Self-concept
  • Leadership skills
  • Family cohesion
  • Participation in community service
  • Self-esteem

How will this program prepare my child for kindergarten?

This program is largely aligned with Common Core for Kindergarten.

CC is a set of standards expected from each student in a kindergarten — a benchmark for what students should know and be able to do.

It’s not 100% aligned because this curriculum will get your child ready for CC standards…

But make sure they are already at this level by the time they complete the curriculum —putting them ahead of the curve.

How can the curriculum duration be from 6-12 months?

The duration of the curriculum will depend on your own timeline and your child's development level.

If you have a 3-year-old, you can go through this curriculum slowly, and take your time with all the objectives and activities, spreading it out over 2 years with some breaks in between and revisiting the objectives that might need some improvement before heading off to kindergarten.

If you have a 5-year-old who is closer to kindergarten age, and more developed in many areas, then the original length of the curriculum is 6 months and that would suffice to go through the program.

I work full-time. How much time is homeschooling going to take?

The activities take about 45 minutes a day from Monday to Thursday. 

The project is originally scheduled for Fridays, and it might take 1-2 hours - however, you can easily do the project on weekends. 

And then over the weekend, we recommend moms look over the lesson plan and video instructions for the next week, which takes about 30-40 minutes.

We see that stay-at-home moms or moms who work part-time would be ideally suited to take on this curriculum.

If you work full-time then you can still benefit from the curriculum. Perhaps you could give access to the nanny or grandparents so they could have an educational structure for their daily routines as well.

Is the curriculum suitable for supplementing the traditional preschool experience?

Yes, absolutely. We created this curriculum as a full-time homeschooling preschool program. However, if your child goes to daycare or preschool for a couple of days a week, you can use the curriculum to supplement the learning activities and add some fun projects to the mix at home.

Is this curriculum research-based?

We've followed the research-based methods for every aspect of putting the curriculum together.

Starting from the understanding of how young children learn the best: which is a lot of play, speaking, listening, reading, experimenting, etc, to all the objectives, milestones, activities, and teaching methods.

Furthermore, the program follows the CASEL framework for social-emotional development, phonics method as a primary focus on the reading (accompanied with the actual stories as well, not only learning the letters), and all our activities are aligned with kindergarten common core principles to make your child's transition to kindergarten smoother.

What type of activities does this curriculum include?

The activities are mostly play-based and hands-on. 

Activities will often guide you to involve your child in everyday activities to intentionally take advantage of the learning opportunities that are around us everywhere.

Activities are often not confined to be done at your home, many of the learning activities you can do when walking at the park, going grocery shopping, visiting the doctor's office, etc.

What if my child goes to kindergarten in less than 6 months? Will I manage to finish the curriculum?

The curriculum is designed to last a minimum of 26 weeks (6 months), and the program unlocks new modules for the next 4 weeks every month. 

If your child goes to kindergarten in 5 months, you are still able to finish the curriculum by increasing the pace a bit during the last 2 months.

If your child goes off to kindergarten sooner than 6 months and you feel like it would still benefit to go through the curriculum, you could easily incorporate those play-based and hands-on learning activities into your lives outside of the kindergarten experience.

How is this curriculum different from others?

We love this question because we intentionally created this curriculum to be different from anything else out there.

Our biggest difference comes from "parent education". Most curriculums will give you a PDF full of lesson plans for the whole year without explaining why and how behind them, leaving you with a rather strict curriculum to follow that might not serve exactly what you or your child would benefit the most. Our curriculum will equip you with the HOW and WHY behind everything, and provide you with plenty of activities to choose from so you will have knowledge and freedom to craft the unique preschool experience 100% tailored to your child.

And then of course, most curriculums out there focus on 1 or a maximum of 2 development areas, our curriculum makes sure to help your child develop in all key areas without gaps. Even if you decide to combine many curricula to cover all the areas, they are not naturally working together with each other like the "Ready For Kindergarten And Beyond" curriculum is.

Our curriculum's activities are mostly created to be blended into your everyday life. That means very little time is spent on a traditional concept of "structured learning".

There are many other ways our curriculum is truly unique. We encourage you to take a look yourself.

Who designed this curriculum?

The curriculum came together with a joint effort of many consultants and educators.

However, the lead curriculum designer is Vida Mercer, a US-based 2nd generation homeschooler, seasoned homeschool consultant for families and corporations, curriculum designer for preschool years and up, board member of a charter school, and a strong advocate for parents' rights to educate their children at home.

She has homeschooled all her 3 children, all of whom have different learning styles and individual preferences. Vida made sure to create a curriculum that is truly a game changer in the space and helps parents craft a unique 100% tailored preschool experience for their children that is backed with the best practices of how young children learn.

How can I know this curriculum will match my parenting style and my idea of homeschooling?

With the "Ready For Kindergarten And Beyond" curriculum we are helping parents to focus on a very natural and gentle approach to help their children learn and grow, while still making sure that all the key development areas and necessary skills are covered for a holistic early education.

We've shifted the whole mindset of the traditional teacher-student dynamic on its head and encouraged parents to become learning partners instead.

This learning partnership is an underlying principle of the whole curriculum where you are helping your child to learn about themselves and the world around them while incorporating the core educational principles into this natural approach of learning.

When is the earliest I can start this curriculum with my child?

The activities and milestones in this curriculum are geared towards 3-5-year-olds. 

You could start the program with a 2.5-year-old as well, but before that, in general, children are not developmentally ready yet to get the maximum benefits out of the program.

That being said, the principles taught in the curriculum and the book about creating a supportive learning environment at home can be implemented way earlier.

If you choose to get the curriculum before your child turns two and a half, you'd be setting yourself and your child up for success already in advance.

I am not a teacher and I have never taught anybody, can I do it?

Yes! You can.

There's this myth that you need to have a degree in early education or have a background in teaching to teach your child at home. 

In actuality, you're the best person equipped for this job. Because you're the person who's been teaching your child all along.

Teaching your child how to read is fundamentally no different from teaching them how to tie their shoes. You just need to have the proper set of techniques and best practices handy, and that's what this curriculum will give you: a structure and guidance to take this on.

How about social and emotional development, can I teach that at home?

The "Ready For Kindergarten And Beyond" curriculum has 1/6th  of the materials dedicated to social and emotional development.

Our team put together objectives and key milestones preschoolers should reach for healthy social and emotional skills. You will be helping your child develop those skills on a weekly and daily basis via activities blended into your everyday lives.

Do I need to buy any extra materials or tools to use this curriculum?

You don't need to buy anything out of the ordinary to complete this curriculum successfully as most of the activities can be achieved by using everyday household items.

There will be printable materials you can download that will be helpful to perform some of the activities. If you have a printer at home, then that will suffice, if not, you can download the PDF files and send them to a local print shop to print them out for you.

There will be suggested children's literature that can be found in almost all libraries.

Do I need a printer?

To get the maximum benefit out of the curriculum, it would be great if you had an opportunity to print out some of the materials either at home or at the print shop.

Is this curriculum fully digital or will I receive some physical items?

The curriculum is based online and can be accessed with your phone, tablet, or computer.

As we strongly believe in a natural and gentle learning approach, most of the activities will be blended into daily lives, so there is no need for any specific materials to be shipped.

Keeping accessibility in mind, we have opted to host the program online so moms across the world can access the program at their convenience.

What happens after I purchase the curriculum? How do I access it?

After completing the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email within minutes, which provides login access to your Kindergarten Prep online portal. 

Once logged in, you'll see all of your products and membership perks in one easy-to-navigate place.

Walk me through your Money Back Guarantee again.

At Kindergarten-Prep, we stand by our products and our customers. That’s why Ready For Kindergarten And Beyond Curriculum is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the curriculum in any way in the first 30 days, we’ll offer you a 100% refund on your purchase. It’s as easy as that.

Simply send our team an email at support@kindergarten-prep.com and we'll help you.

I lost/didn't receive my access credentials. Can you help?

Sometimes the initial confirmation email ends up in the spam folder. However, it could also be due to mistakenly entering the incorrect email address at checkout. 

Either way, contact us at support@kindergarten-prep.com and we will gladly sort it out right away.

Can non-secular families use Ready For Kindergarten And Beyond?

Absolutely! Feel free to add a favorite Bible study to our curriculum to make it work for your family. Ready For Kindergarten And Beyond was designed to make an early education that has lots of hands-on and play-based activities while covering all essential development areas, accessible to all families.

Anything We Missed?

Feel free to email us at support@kindergarten-prep.com and we’ll get back to you in 2 days.


Ready to Set Your Child Up For a Lifetime of Success?

Imagine waking up every day knowing your child gets to stay with you…

In a familiar, safe, and supportive environment…

Where they receive exceptional preschool education from you — their parent and teacher.

Imagine the joy and pride you’ll feel when you see them excel in life…

And the bright future full of endless possibilities — all thanks to the decision you make today.

This future can start right here, right now.

All you need to do is choose the enrollment option best suited for you…

And your little one can start their homeschool preschool journey today.


National Home Education Research Institute. (n.d.). Homeschooling: The Research, Scholarly articles, studies, facts, research. [online] Available at: https://www.nheri.org/research-facts-on-homeschooling/#:~:text=Research%20facts%20on%20homeschooling%20show